Show a little leg!

Every girl owns at least 1 pair of leggings...and they are probably black, right?. This season is all about adding a little extra flavor to your wardrobe and this can be easily done with a fun pair of leggings. You can take a look to a new level by wearing a pair of printed leggings. Celebrities are rocking them all over this winter! Why aren’t you?  We have four new styles at Madison Boutique (and a killer fleece lined legging that's totally worth checking out).  Leopard, holiday, stripes and colors, you'll love them!
Customer Question- What goes with printed leggings?  These are the main focal point of your outfit, so you don't want any other patterns or anything else bold.  Stick with a solid shirt and a great pair of flats or boots, keep it simple.  You can have some fun with your accessories, but keep them all the same color (all gold, all silver, etc.).  If you have any questions, please let us know!

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