Style Resolution- Don't Fear Fashion

Last week we laid out 5 Style Resolutions to be a more fashionable you in 2014. 

Over the next several days, we'll look at each of them separately to help you kick it off! 

Resolution #1- "Don't fear fashion! Sure, maybe not every trend is for you, but take a leap and try something new this year! Don't be afraid of prints, patterns, textures or new cuts...resolve to try something new once a month."


Try Quirky Prints! This year is all about the bigger, bolder, more unique prints! We love this fox print blouse available at Madison Boutique.

Try playing with metallics and sparkles! A little sparkle goes a long way and adds some fun to  your look! Check out this red striped top with purple sparkle elbows available today.

    Get in on a popular trend- Spring 2014 will be the third season that sheer takes a front seat in trends.  Have you gotten on board yet?  We have plenty of sheer like this red printed jacket.

        So are you open to trying out one of these trends? 


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