Style Resolution- Donate it

We're back with another style resolution to help you get your fashion in gear for 2014!

Resolution #2- "Donate what you didn't wear last year."

Getting rid of old clothes is definitely easier said then done.  We hang onto items for many different reasons ranging from sentimental to purchases just gone bad.  Over time, our unused items tend to pile up, and they don't do anything but take away from your chance to compile the perfect outfit.

So here it is, ladies, the list to help you purge and make room for the new!  When cleaning out your closet, as yourself the following questions and if the answer is no, then it goes. 

1.  Does it fit today?  As in right now, not 5 pounds from now, now.
2.  Does it flatter?  Is it too boxy, too baggy or pull in the wrong place?
3.  Does it make me feel good? 
4.  Have you worn it in the last year? 

If there's something you're really unsure about it, put it in a storage month for a few months and re-evaluate,  Don't be afraid to part with the old to make room for better choices. A closet full of options that you feel good in and that fit you well make the morning process much, much easier.  What to do with all your old clothes? You can donate them to a charity, sell them (at a consignment shop or through Poshmark) or give them to a friend.

Are you up for the challenge?  Do you have any tips that can help with the closet cleaning process?

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