Preparing to be prepared!

In just 14 days (deep breath!) I head to Chicago with my volunteer style experts in tow to attend StyleMax,  a women's apparel and jewelry trade show.  There are literally thousands of vendors.  Thousands (an even deeper breath!).  With just two days at the show, I need to be sure I have a tight game plan that will allow us to check out all the vendors that fall into my target price range and style plan for my store.  I have some homework ahead of me but I'm really looking forward to getting familiar with the layout and finding some new favorite lines.

StyleMax has posted some pictures of the last trade show.  

It's overwhelming for sure, but if I do the right homework, and have a plan (even if that plan goes out the window when we walk in) I think I'm setting myself up for a successful first show.  Either way, it's going to be an interesting, busy two days!

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