Play with Pattern

Disclaimer: I have to admit, this is one fall trend that has people looking at me like I'm totally nuts- I don't think it's really caught on with the masses.  BUT, I've never let that stop me before and besides, who really dresses for the masses anyway? This is too fun to skip, get on board early and be the trend setter in your own little world!

This fall's fashion is giving us tons of fun prints and patterns to play with--this means more options for mixing it up!  You name it- leopard (my personal favorite), florals, stripes, polka dots, the list goes on and there's a pattern for everyone on the racks right now.  This trend should inspire you to look at your wardrobe in a new way and make your old clothes feel new again.

It's not as scary as it sounds, promise.  The point of this trend is to have fun with it, but if you're just trying it out for the first time, I suggest following a few basic guidelines to start you off right....

1.  Baby Steps
Start with a print that's already hanging in your closet.  Something that you already know looks good on you and you feel comfortable in as your test piece.  Favorite floral blouse?  Try adding a striped scarf. 

2.   Don't get too matchy matchy
You need to mix, mix, mix!  Don't go all out stripes or all out florals, that's too much, but it works to stay with a color trend.  Put a navy striped sweater over a navy gingham checkered shirt.  You want to either match the color exactly (not the print), or go to the opposite color (think of the color wheel).

3.  Play with size
Mixing patterns is a brave step so take it easy the first try.  You don't want to mix bold and bold, a bold strip and a bold animal print won't work.   Pick one place to draw the eye for best results.  Big dots, small stripes.  Big animal print, small polka dots.

4.  Mix in neutrals
Breaking up the neutral can acheive a more polished look.  Black tights under a polka dot skirt, a black blazer over a striped shirt.  Animal print is also a great neutral, it goes with everything!  Adding a piece that pulls it all together makes your look more intentional and together.

Go on, be brave and try the trend yourself! There's no science to it, experiment and figure out what you're comfortable with.  Following these guidelines will help, but in the end it's all about having fun.  Did you create a pattern combo that really works for you?  Send me a pic to to be featured in a follow-up post!

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