Get Wild!

Leopard print has been around forever, and at this point, we probably all have something leopard in our closet.  I'm a huge fan and probably have at least one leopard print item from every apparel category from flats to bags to pants (Now would be a good time to tell me if people call me the "leopard lady" or "leopard lover" or something behind my back).

This pattern, once known for being wild and maybe a little outrageous, is getting some love from the  every day wardrobe this season.  The print of the leopard is a little more versatile than you might think and looks great with bold solid colors like red, teal or plum.  It also creates a cool contrast when worn with prints. Leopard print can be playful, sexy and a lot of fun. 

Here's a few of my favorite leopard items in my closet and a little style inspiration that I put together!


In my closet: Target Women's Mossimo Ona Ballet Flats, $14.99 
(I actually own three pairs for when the last pair wears out, I love them that much.)


In my closet: Forever 21- Animal Print V-Neck Sweater, $19.80 


In my closet: Asos- Leopard Print Sheer Tights, $17.59



In my closet: Anthropologie- leopard spotted skinny belt, $38.00

Free People- Quartz Night Shirt, $178
So, I don't actually own this one, but I want it, and I need it.  It's so Carrie Bradshaw I can barely stand it.  Hello Christmas List!

Thoughts? How do YOU wear leopard print?  Do you mix it up or keep it classic?  I'd love to hear from you!

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