Forever 30?!?

There comes a time in every girl's life when she asks herself, "Am I too old to shop in the juniors section"?  We've all seen the middle aged woman in her juicy pants and "pink" sweatshirt combing the racks of Forever 21, humming her favorite teeny bopper song (think Amy Poehler's character in Mean Girls, yuck). This post is not for her.

Who I'm talking to is the ladies in their 20's and early 30's who still love the trends at the juniors stores/sections but might bump into a 13 year old or two on their shopping trips and wonder if it's time to move along.  Sure, the clothing in the juniors section is cheaper and might fit but sometimes it just feels a little too young.  The women's department can be a little boring and doesn't always offer the best fit if you're smaller. 

I don't like to think of it as looking too old or looking too young, saying goodbye to your youth or hello to frumpville.  I take the best from both the junior's and the women's and mix them together for a more polished and interesting look.  For me, it's about looking current, classy and fun- something you need a little from both worlds to achieve.

So how do you get the most out of each section?  Here's a few tips...


Junior's clothes aren't made to fit an adult body, they are made to fit a teen that's still developing.  Even if you're especially thin, chances are you still have curves that not all of these items are made to accommodate.  You'll want to look for clothes that don't have ties (at the waist or around the back of the neck).

Stores are intending to sell these items to teenagers on a tight budget.  The items cost less, so the quality is lower typically.  You can still find plenty of pieces that are made well, you just might need to look a little harder than you would in the women's section.  Everybody loves a deal, especially on super trendy items, but you don't want it to look cheap.  The junior's section at Nordstrom is by far the best I've shopped thus far in terms of quality and style.

You'll probably be a size or two smaller in women's than you are in junior's, bonus! For most of us, this is where you'll find a better fit in your every day staple items. 

Items are going to cost a bit more, but the quality will be better.  This is where you want to buy your shoes, your jeans and your bags, anything you use a lot that you want to have for a longer period of time. 

The items below are a mix of both women's and junior's--looks great, right? It looks put together but still on trend and fresh.

Point is, you don't need to be 17 to be trendy and youthful.  Whether from the junior's or the women's section, you really just want to be dressing in ways that most flatter your body and project what you feel on the inside.  Trust your instincts, if you have to second guess it, it's probably best to pass. Moral of the story, you're NEVER too old for the junior's section, you just need to do it right.



  • Gina

    Nikki. Awesome stuff! This outfit is totally great! Love the shoes from target! Another great blog :)

  • Cindy

    Great Post!!

  • Nikki

    Thanks Cindy! :)

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