Pass the mustard, please. December 05 2012, 0 Comments

Colored denim has been in for a while now, I'm not the first to jump on this trend.  I have a few pairs from spring that I don't wear very often and was feeling guilty about until.....(trumpets please)....Express had their Black Friday sale!!!  I picked up a pair of mustard skinny jeans 50% off and I have to say, they've been on repeat ever since.  I love them so much that I couldn't resist the urge to share; maybe they'll be your new go-to, too.

At first, you might be stuck on how to style these boldly colored pants.  Don't just default to black though; take this as a chance to play with color.  Try deep reds, dark blues or pretty purples to mix it up and look perfectly seasonal.    

Here’s 3 ways to wear your mustard jeans…

For work-
If you work in a more casual office (or pass them off as dress pants like me!) this look is polished but fun.

For play-
Resist the urge to wear yoga pants to the mall, the grocery store or to class! Be comfortable AND stylish in something like this. 

For date-
Nothing says fun to me like leopard print.  Or this outfit for that matter. Go a little outside of the box with a buttery leather jacket and some punchy pumps. 

Pants-, $49.90 (on sale!!)
Similar-, $24.80
Similar-, $29.99

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