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2012 was a great year in fashion (colored denim, hello!)--but like any other year, it had some big misses.  I'll wear just about anything, and honestly, I tried most of these trends and as to be expected some were hits and some were totally awful.  Let's take a look at some of the worst fashion trends in 2012, may they fade peacefully into 2013.     

Studded and spiked heels
This trend was more deadly weapon then darling footwear and I'm ready to see it go.   A little edgy accessory here and there is fine but these are just plain scary.


Over the forehead headbands
I'm a big time fan of the bohemian style but these are a little too "I just stepped out of my time machine" for real life.


 Mullet hems
Time to make a commitment, mullet hem.  Are you long, are you short?  You just look confused. 

mullet skirt

 High Heels with socks
Speechless.  I don't get this one at all.  If you do, please explain it to me.


2013 will of course bring it's own set of fashion hits and fashion flops.  That's all part of the fun though, right?  You see the trend, maybe you try it out and then the next year you look back and say, "what WERE we thinking"?

What do you think was the worst fashion trend of 2012?  I'd love to hear from you!

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