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Maybe you've been to a Madison Boutique party.  Maybe you've been thinking of hosting a party.  Or maybe you've just seen me posting about how crazy busy we've been with them.  Either way, I bet you don't know how easy and fun it is for you host a party. I've answered some of the most commonly asked questions below...

  • What's on the truck? The truck is fully loaded with clothing and accessories, most under $50.  The majority of the clothing comes in sizes small-large, and we always have a selection of styles available in xl-3xl.  There's always scarves, earrings, necklaces and any seasonal accessories stocked as well.  Hosts and guests can always check the website to see what's available, that's the same selection we'll have on the truck. We offer anything a customer could need for shopping including a fitting room, music, and of course an honest opinion to help guide shoppers to make the perfect choices for them.
  • When is the truck available? We're currently booking from March through the summer.  So if you have a birthday, bachelorette party or just want to get the girls together, let's set a date.  We can host a party almost anytime- weekdays, weeknights, weekend days, weekend nights, as long as we don't have another event booked, we're available!
  • How far will you travel? The truck goes about a one hour radius from Plymouth, Michigan. Parties further than a hour away either come with a low gas mileage charge, or we can decide to bring the party to you, but host indoors instead.  Always ask though, we can get creative and make it work!
  • How do I invite people?  We make that really easy.  Once we select a date and time, you'll receive text and photos to easily create a Facebook event of evite.  We can also send you a flyer to use electronically or to print and help promote.
  • How many people can I invite?  We ask that you have at least 10 people in attendance, there's no maximum amount of attendees.
  • How long does a party last?  We come for two hours of private shopping at the location of your choice.  We're set-up before guests arrive, so the host can shop before the guests, with the guests, or after the guests.  We also help to manage the party to be sure everyone has an opportunity to shop before the party ends.
  • Does the host get anything? Of course! As the host, you get 10% of what we sell back in free products! Most hosts use the entire credit at their party, but a gift card can also be issued to use at another time.

We've hosted hundreds of parties since the Madison Boutique Fashion Truck first hit the road.  We'll offer the right items, the right customer service and the right atmosphere to promise your friends will have a great time.

For more information send an email to, or click on the 'contact' form on our website.  We'll quickly respond and get the party planning started!

If you have any additional questions, please let me know!




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