Friday Style File

I love stripes.  A lot.  They add interest to an outfit and go with just about any color you have hanging in your closet.  Stripes also remind me of old school prison uniforms which serves as a good note that I should behave myself this weekend.  Bonus! Just kidding, I'm always the perfect citizen.  You believe that, right? Good.

Would you wear this look?  Which piece is your favorite?  I always love to hear from you! 

Top- Madison Boutique, Bright Blue Boyfriend Blouse, $40
Blazer-, Venice Striped Blazer, $38
Necklace- Madison Boutique, Gray Circles, $18
Denim-, Stella Regular Fit Skinny Leg Jeans, $79.90
Shoes-, Jessica Simpson Oscar Patent Leather Pumps, $59.95

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