Long necklace, longer hair July 23 2013, 0 Comments


I decided to finally brave it and clean my closet out this week.  I didn't get too far though before I was rediscovering old clothes and became completely distracted by putting new outfits together.  For me, finding old loves counts as a successful cleaning episode.  Just go with it.  I received a large new jewelry shipment this weekend and I thought this red flower necklace would compliment the patterned top with other neutral pieces.  For me, this is a perfect "head to work on a casual day" look.

Necklace- Madison Boutique, Red Floral Necklace
Top- Forever21, old, similar
Cadigan- H&M, old, similar, similar
Denim- Gap, 1969 Always Skinny Jean
Shoes- Target, Peace Heeled Thong


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