Greek to Me.

Happy Friday! This print of this dress feels really greek to me...and I had a greek salad for lunch today.  I think that's weird.  We've had a few warm days here, which is a good reason to pull this dress out.  But once it cools off, I'll wear this with leggings and boots, maybe a cardigan (shocker!), I think this dress will transition well.
I'm meeting with a photographer this weekend to do a second round of photos.  Last time I really planned each look ahead (I'm so behind on that this time), but I also only had exactly one pose.  Hand on hip.  I'm hoping to do a little better the second time around...hand on other hip?  I hope everyone has a great weekend!
Dress- Madison Boutique, Blue Print Dress
Necklace- Madison Boutique, Multi-colored jewels

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