Personal Styling with Jillian June 22 2017, 0 Comments

I always love to hear from an old friend, so I was thrilled when I got a message from Jill a few weeks ago.  She's been kicking butt with her small business and was in need of a new look for upcoming professional head shots.  Can I help? Sure can!  We've been doing personal styling on the side for years and have perfected the skill. We're proud  to roll out an official new program this spring.

So, how does it work?  

1.  Book your appointment. I wanted to be sure I could give Jill my full attention, so we scheduled an appointment at a time that worked for her.  The date was set to meet at Madison Boutique.

2.  We learn about you.  Jill and I  jumped on a 10 minute phone call so I could learn a bit more about her style and what she had in mind.  What sizes work for you and what's your body type? What colors do you like, not like?  What do you like to show off or hide?  How formal or informal is the occasion?  I collected as much info as we could so we could give Jill the best options for her.

3.  We're ready for you.  First off, I had a glass of wine ready for her, then it was time to get to biz.  Based on our conversation, I had a fully stocked fitting room ready for her.  She could try on whatever she liked and I encouraged her to give new styles a chance, too.  I was here and ready to lend an opinion, make suggestions and stick with it until we found just the right look for her photos (accessories and all).

In the end, Jill bought this gorgeous sage dress for her shoot with a pretty necklace. She looks so beautiful! She also snagged a few cute items for summer while she was at it! 

We've styled for senior photos, family photos, engagement sessions, not-so-secret proposals, rehearsal dinners and just a simple night on the town.  I'd like to help you, too.  It's a super casual experience with zero pressure to buy.  For more information, please email me at

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